Robotic palletizing systems with with Galim Software Command and Control have several advantages

Flexibility: the possibility of different palletizing in different arrangements, for one or more production lines (depending on the size of the robot)

High working speed

Accuracy in product placement

Friendly operator interface in Hebrew, English or other languages

reliability. Systems with our software work in leading factories in the economy, including Sno, Paz, Osem, Nirlat and more

More than twenty years of experience in the field


Palletizing at Sano with ABB Robot

Palletize – Pick and multiple place

Arranging bottles on a tray with Yaskawa robot

Palletizing 5 lines with Yaskawa robots

Palletizing at Nirlat

Palletizing 8 lines

Palletizing 18L containers at Paz

Palletizing cartons

Palletizing 3 Paint lines

Palletizing 3 lines of boxes

Press & Palletize wire conduit

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